How Hormones can Impede Your Weight Loss Goals

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Maybe you have noticed that even with your increased exercise and regimented healthy diet, your weight loss and body shaping efforts seem to be slower—or not happening at all.

What else can you do?

Perhaps your diet is perfect and your workouts are burning fat and re-sculpting but you still have “bra fat” or “muffin tops”.  Sure, a muffin top sounds delicious, but we know it isn’t very pretty and could be a major health hazard as well. Women that have excess body fat stored in the belly or abdomen area (apple shape body type) could have low or high estrogen, high testosterone, high cortisol, high insulin and/or low growth hormone.  For men, excess fat in this area could indicate high estrogen, low testosterone, high cortisol, or low growth hormone. Over time, even just one of these imbalances could lead to disorders such as high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, bone loss—and possibly cancer.  Excess abdominal fat also doubles your risk of a heart attack, not to mention undermining your goal for a sculpted body.

Do you have “love handles” or (as I call them) the “not-so-lovely-love-handles”?  In women and men, fat stored in this area indicates an insulin/blood sugar imbalance. That can mean overindulgence in chips, cakes, alcohol and other carbs to the extreme.

How about the part of your arm that keeps waving long after your hand has stopped moving? That is often a sure sign of high insulin (think hormone that metabolizes carbs) or low DHEA (master of all hormones).  Without adequate DHEA, your other hormones can decrease and be aware that stress depletes DHEA also.  Too much DHEA can increase testosterone and estrogen so you should NEVER supplement with DHEA unless you have been tested and your levels are low.

I specialize in Hormone and Metabolism Correction, using state of the art testing to accurately measure your hormone levels and provide protocols to correct any imbalances we discover.  Adding hormone balancing to your fitness routine can dramatically change the way you look and feel and help you achieve the body you have always desired. Call today for information on my Hormone Balancing Package.


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