Food Intolerance

Think Quinoa is Good for You? Think Again.

Posted by on Jan 25, 2013 in Food, Food Intolerance | 10 comments

Recently I caused quite a stir on Facebook when I posted that Quinoa was not good for your body or the planet. What? How can you say that the gluten free golden child of grains isn’t good for me? Quinoa is gluten free, so isn’t that GOOD? Not so fast. Yes, Quinoa is Gluten Free but so are Kellogg’s Rice Chex cereal-that doesn’t mean it’s a healthy choice. Let me explain. All species are born with defense mechanisms, including plants. Quinoa is actually closer to a seed than a grain. Part of a plant’s defensive mechanism is the outer coating of the seed itself....

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The Difference between Food allergies, Food sensitivities and Food intolerances

Posted by on Jul 12, 2011 in Blog, Food, Food Allergies, Food Intolerance, Food Sensitivity | 1 comment

All too often, the connection between ingested foods and subsequent symptom-picture is overlooked. The most common of these symptoms include: * Fatigue * Headache * Bloating * Indigestion * Constipation * Nasal congestion * Eczema * Behavior problems * Poor memory And to dispel the common misconception that food has no bearing on disease development, there are a number of studies linking asthma, autoimmune conditions, cardiovascular disease, depression, hypertension, infertility, rheumatoid arthritis, and more to our diets. Currently, there is much debate regarding the subject of food and how...

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