Hormone Balancing

Is Stress Wreaking Havoc on your Hormones?

Posted by on Oct 19, 2011 in Blog, Hormone Balancing | 3 comments

Featured on www.mylalifestyle.com The term “stress” is used to describe many things in our culture. In fact, most doctor visits in this country are due to it. But did you know that high stress levels in women can trigger Perimenopause (changes in your menstrual cycle that occur before Menopause) and eventually Menopause? Let’s see how the two are related. Stress causes a physical chain reaction in the body. Your adrenal glands are the organs that respond to stress. It goes something like this: You feel or perceive a stressor- (lack of sleep+ coffee to wake you up+ screaming...

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How Hormones can Impede Your Weight Loss Goals

Posted by on Jul 11, 2011 in Blog, Hormone Balancing, Tests | 0 comments

Maybe you have noticed that even with your increased exercise and regimented healthy diet, your weight loss and body shaping efforts seem to be slower—or not happening at all. What else can you do? Perhaps your diet is perfect and your workouts are burning fat and re-sculpting but you still have “bra fat” or “muffin tops”.  Sure, a muffin top sounds delicious, but we know it isn’t very pretty and could be a major health hazard as well. Women that have excess body fat stored in the belly or abdomen area (apple shape body type) could have low or high estrogen, high...

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