Thyroid Disorders

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TSH: “the gold standard” for diagnosing thyroid disorders only detects 20% of thyroid imbalances. 1 in 8 women suffer from thyroid disorders. Dr.Holtorf, featured in this video is a pioneer in treating such disorders that other doctors simply dismiss as Menopause, being too fat, or simply being Female. Make sure you get a full thyroid panel and see a specialist like Dr. Eva Cwynar or Dr. Dominique Fradin-Read. I can help you navigate thyroid disease! Often, the adrenals or our “stress organs” are at the root of a thyroid disorder.  By performing a saliva test of...

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How Hormones can Impede Your Weight Loss Goals

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Maybe you have noticed that even with your increased exercise and regimented healthy diet, your weight loss and body shaping efforts seem to be slower—or not happening at all. What else can you do? Perhaps your diet is perfect and your workouts are burning fat and re-sculpting but you still have “bra fat” or “muffin tops”.  Sure, a muffin top sounds delicious, but we know it isn’t very pretty and could be a major health hazard as well. Women that have excess body fat stored in the belly or abdomen area (apple shape body type) could have low or high estrogen, high...

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8 Important Reasons To Have Your Adrenal Function Evaluated

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1. Energy production Abnormal adrenal function can alter the ability of cells to produce energy for the activities of daily life. People who have a hard time rising in the morning, or who suffer from low energy throughout the day, often have abnormal adrenal rhythms and poor blood sugar regulation. The maintenance of a stable blood sugar level depends on food choice, lifestyle, adrenal function and insulin activity. The Adrenal Stress Index™ panel measures stress hormones and insulin, to help ferret out the causes of fatigue, cravings and obesity. 2. Muscle and joint function Abnormal...

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