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Chaz Bono Weight Loss Update: HE IS DOWN 60 LBS!

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I’m excited to announce that we’re in the home stretch with Chaz Bono’s weight loss challenge. As you know, he started working with me in November on The Doctor’s TV Show and now, 5 months later, he is down 60 lbs in addition to some excellent improvements in his lab test results!

You can watch the big reveal in this clip from The Doctors TV show HERE.

Chaz before and after.

Chaz before and after.


Chaz’s Test Results
 Before After
Weight: 253 Weight: 193
Cholesterol- 290 Cholesterol 133
Blood pressure- 140/100  Blood pressure- 120/80
Hemoglobin A1C- 5.9(Considered diabetic)  Hemoglobin A1C- 5.0


Chaz has lost an average of 10 lbs per month. He lost more in the beginning, of course, due to the fact that the diet I designed for him was anti-inflammatory and detoxifying.

Learn more about my recommended detox HERE

After the main detoxification phase, he began losing FAT. It’s important in any weight loss plan to lose FAT, not just “Weight”. Preserving muscle mass is critical because it keeps your metabolism fired up.

Chaz’s 60 lb weight loss was fueled by eliminating grains, sugars, legumes, dairy and focusing on grass-fed meats, fresh vegetables, good healthy fats and some fruits. The worst offender, gluten, was eliminated immediately and then we moved on to other grains.

After watching the success of countless clients over the years, I can tell you that eliminating Gluten and Sugars is the foundation for a successful weight loss regimen. Gluten can be found in Barley, Rye, Oats , Wheat and Spelt. And most don’t realize that it causes inflammation in the majority of the population, as well as weight gain and bloating.

Dr. William Davis, who wrote the excellent book “Wheatbelly” also links eating wheat to overeating. Wheat is an appetite stimulant and has an opiate effect on the brain.

Chaz Bono’s 60 lb weight loss also incorporated MMA training and dancing.

 Diets don’t work. You just have to change what you eat, and I have. -Chaz Bono

 This is critical! 60 lbs is quite an accomplishment, no doubt, but changing your lifestyle to support your long-term health is key. Chaz has told me that he no longer has cravings, which is one of the wonderful benefits of eliminating grains and sugars from your diet.

Samantha Grant with Chaz after viewing his new play.

Samantha Grant with Chaz after viewing his new play.

 If you are looking for help with your weight loss, feel free to contact my assistant to schedule an appointment. I can be reached by clicking HERE. Not local? No problem. I work with people all over the world via Skype, phone and email.

Chaz Bono Weight Loss Update

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Chaz Bono Before and After

Courtesy CBS Television Distribution


We’ve hit the 3-month mark with Chaz’s weight loss regimen. And he’s knocking it out of the park!! So far, Chaz is down 45 pounds. You will see me on the new episode of The Doctor’s TV Show with Chaz, which  airs today.

You may be wondering how has he arrived at the halfway point of his goal in such a short time. In the beginning, the meal plan I designed limited grains. I removed dairy, soy, sugar and made sure he got plenty of protein, veggies, good fats and supplemented his plan with a detox shake like this one.

The weight literally fell off of him! He felt more energy, better sleep and his cravings for junk food subsided. His workouts became more intense and soon he had to buy a brand new wardrobe.

Now, in phase 2, I have completely removed grains from his weight loss plan and he is eating grass fed organic meats and organic veggies, good healthy fats and still staying off sugar, grains and dairy.

Chaz has decided to raise the bar and go for 80 lbs total. He has 35 lbs to go and I am confident he will reach his goal in the next few months. I am very proud of what he has accomplished so far. His determination coupled with sound nutritional planning has been a winning combination.

You can read more about Chaz Bono’s weight loss here: Chaz Bono: How I Lost 43 Lbs. – and Hope to Lose More

Stay tuned to The Doctors TV Show and my blog for more updates.

Watch Me on The Doctors TV Show Wednesday

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A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by “The Doctors” TV show to be part of a team working with Chaz Bono to lose weight. Many of you know Chaz as the son of Cher and from his recent appearance on Dancing with the Stars. Chaz’s goal is to lose at least 50 lbs and to make it stick.

My goal is to provide him with a meal plan that will not only help him lose the weight but will also be easy for him to maintain. Lifestyle changes, not diets, make for long term weight loss success. During the months of Chaz’s weight loss challenge, I will post updates regularly.

My first segment is airing Wednesday November 14th. I visited Freshology, a gourmet food delivery service based here in Los Angeles to design what Chaz Bono will be eating to obtain his weight loss goals. You will see this visit on the first episode.

Chaz’s diet for weight loss will consist of lean proteins, seasonal vegetables, and healthy fats from avocados, seeds and nuts as well as fruits. There will be a limit on grains and other processed foods in his diet. If he is hungry, he will have a Detox Protein shake to keep him full without added excess sugar or empty calories. The added protein will also keep his blood sugar levels stable to prevent energy crashes. The shakes will fuel his intense workout sessions as well.

Along with me, Board Certified Endocrinologist Dr.Eva Cwynar will manage his medical care and he will be trained by MMA fighter Frank Colcher and dance instructor (Oksana Dmytrenko – Chaz’s former “Dancing with the Stars” partner).

Make sure to tune in or set your DVRs!