Samantha has totally helped transform my eating habits and brought me to a new awareness on the benefits of a healthy diet!!! Even being an M.D., we aren’t trained in nutrition and she has brought not only myself to a new level, but my circle of influence (patients, friends, family) as well!”

Roy Vongtama, Actor/Doctor

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Consultation Information:

Initial Consultation: 60 minutes in person or via telephone for out of town clients.

Includes complete history intake, menu planning, shopping lists, recipes, and individualized supplement recommendations. Discussion of further testing to determine any nutritional deficiencies, detoxification abilities, neurotransmitter and fatty acids status, cellular energy, anti-oxidant levels, stool / digestive analysis along with food allergy profiles and hormone levels.

Follow up visits: 30  minutes in person, email or via telephone.

Includes comprehensive discussion of any tests results,menu planning, and individualized supplement recommendations. The first follow up visit is suggested to schedule within 30 days of your initial consultation or 2 weeks after your test submission to the labs. Scheduling in advance is recommended.

House Calls are available!  E mail for pricing.


Testing Information:

State of the art testing is now available to clients throughout the United States. The tests are sent directly to the clients home for convenience and privacy. The complete kit arrives with all the supplies and instructions for the client to administer and ship to the lab. Most tests are a simple saliva, urine sample or a blood spot. No nurse, no waiting rooms, no appointments – simple and convenient.

Below are the most popular test offered; however, depending on the clients needs, there are many other specialized tests that can be run.
Prices are determined by the labs, are subject to change and are in addition to appointment fees. For more information see Testing.

Example tests available

Adrenal Stress Index | Female Hormone Profile | Male Hormone Profile | Comprehensive Metabolic Profile | Food Allergy Assessment

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