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New 14 Day Detox

My 21 Day Detox plan is my most popular program for jumpstarting your metabolism and cleansing your body. Now, I have taken those principles and designed a shorter, effective, less expensive means to get those results. If you’ve always wanted to detox but haven’t taken the plunge-this is the ONE for you.

Here’s what’s included in your 14 day Detox Kit

aqua-checkmark-smallVanilla Protein Powder

aqua-checkmark-smallCleanse/Detox Powder

aqua-checkmark-smallDigestive Enzymes

aqua-checkmark-smallDetox Capsules

aqua-checkmark-smallOptimal Food and Drink list

aqua-checkmark-smallShake Recipes

aqua-checkmark-smallDetoxification Tips

All for only $157* Purchase HERE.
(tax and shipping not included)

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Smart Start Program

(Three Private Consultations either by phone or in my office)

The program will focus on the following:

aqua-checkmark-smallPersonal goals and health issues
aqua-checkmark-smallDaily food journal
aqua-checkmark-smallEnergy and sleep patterns
aqua-checkmark-smallExercise regimen
aqua-checkmark-smallSupplement regimen
aqua-checkmark-smallTest results review from any labs we may perform
aqua-checkmark-smallLab reports from your medical doctor

Bonuses: An Individualized Protocol and Customized Supplement plan will be based on your lab results, symptoms and current lifestyle.
Personalized diet will also be created for you based on labs and personal health goals.

The Program will begin on your Initial visit and will continue for 6 weeks. Three Visits total-either in person and/or by phone.  You will have direct access to Samantha via e mail.

A la carte services also available:

The initial visit and first follow up visit are billed at $250 and  subsequent follow ups are $250- $195 depending on time needed and the number of lab tests being reviewed.

Contact Samantha for pricing on the Smart Start Program.  By enrolling in the Program,  you will save money while greatly improving your health.

In order to make an impact on your overall health and wellbeing, we need at least 3 visits to discover the underlying causes of your issues and to see significant changes. Much like working out-it can’t all be done in 1 session!

21 Day Slimdown Solution

Get rid of the bloat, fatigue and excess weight in just 21 days!

aqua-checkmark-smallFree yourself from cravings

aqua-checkmark-smallEnjoy a flat tummy

aqua-checkmark-smallBlast unwanted fat

aqua-checkmark-smallLook and feel better!!



Here’s how it works- No starvation required!

Drink 2 delicious, creamy Detox shakes and have 2 healthy metabolically balanced meals per day. You can also have an optional snack-this is not a FAST!

Get Slim, Sexy and Lean!

The 21 Day Slimdown includes:

The Complete Detox Solution kit: Detoxification Powder, Allergen free Protein Powder, Fiber powder, Antioxidant Powder and 2 Specialty Detox Supplements. You will have 42 meal replacement shakes with this program.

Purchase the Detox HERE.

So what are you waiting for? Act now!