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Eating for Immunity

A lot of you have reached out to me and asked for my recommendations on eating, cooking and all things food related. I wanted to share a few tips to help you stay healthy and make your life a bit easier when shopping and prepping food.

I’ll divide foods into basic categories.


Frozen Wild Shrimp – Whole Food’s brand

Frozen Sea Scallops- Trader Joe’s

Chicken Thighs

Whole Chickens- great for roasting and then cook the bones to make stock for soup

Ground Beef or Turkey- I don’t like to freeze it so I cook in batches with it.  Bolognese is a favorite and you can freeze it once it’s prepared. Serve over steamed veggies, Gluten Free or Grain Free Pasta or Cauliflower mash.

Frozen Burger patties- Applegate Farms, etc.

Canned Tuna/Salmon/Sardines

Eggs- Make a veggie scramble, omelets, deviled eggs, etc.

Pea Protein powder- great for smoothies with frozen berries.

Vegetables and Fruits

Some have a longer shelf life than others and most stores have lots of fresh produce.  Most people are buying canned and frozen.

Zucchini and other types of squash keep well in fridge.  When choosing them, go for the firm ones as they are fresher.

Brussels Sprouts tend to keep well in fridge.  

Broccoli and cauliflower can be lightly steamed and then frozen.

Fresh cauliflower is delicious steamed and them mashed with butter and salt- a great low carb mashed potato sub.

Frozen Cauliflower rice is one of my favorite versatile side dishes.  I use in in stir frys, soups and other rice dishes like Spanish rice. 

Frozen Spinach/kale- great to use in a marinara sauce or stir fry with garlic and onions.

Salad Greens- store in airtight containers and use quickly

Fresh Carrots will last for a few weeks in the fridge

Fresh Asparagus- store standing in fridge in a small vase or dish of water

Fresh Celery- cut of bottom and store standing in fridge in water

Frozen organic Berries, cherries and other fruits

Fresh Oranges last a while in the fridge


Kind Bars- Look for the ones with 5g of sugar (or less)

My favorite bars:

DF Chocolate Mocha bars:

Paleo Chocolate bars:

Other Foods

Baby Red Potatoes- keep in fridge- I know, not a vegetable but can keep a teenager full for a couple of hours! I like roasting these with fresh garlic and dried herbs like basil, rosemary and thyme.

Cappello’s frozen pasta- almond flour based

In addition to healthy foods, here are my recommendations for supplements to support your immune system. 

Some products are out of stock but will be back in soon!  If you’d like to order directly with me or my assistant Marti, send us an emailand we’ll take care of you!  If we order for you, most likely you will receive the out of stock items faster!  I realize that it is frustrating to see items out of stock. Rest assured that we are doing our best to get the products you need as quickly as possible!  WE are here for YOU!

I am still offering 10% off- be sure to use code SAM10.

#1 Stellar C-Vitamin C and bioflavonoids

#2 N-A-C  N- Acetyl -Cysteine 
The most important nutrient for the lungs!

#3Vitamin D
Excellent vitamin for  immune support!

#5 Immunitone
Potent Immune support packed with Echinacea, Elderberry and mushrooms!

#6Immunoberry Syrup
Delicious herbal formula! Great for the whole family!

I’m also recommending this formula to help our bodies cope with the increased stress this particular situation is causing for a good number of us.
 Catecholacalm contains amino acids and herbs to relax our nervous system.

Having trouble deciding what you need for immune support? E mail me and I’ll happily make recommendations!