Make sure to watch “The Doctors TV show” on CBS

Make sure to watch “The Doctors TV show” on CBS where Samantha is a go to nutritionist.

Celebrity nutritionist Samantha Grant joins Dr. Travis and Dr. Jim to separate food fact from fiction. Can bread help when chopping onions? And is olive oil always healthy to cook with?

Celebrity nutritionist Samantha Grant joins Dr. Travis and Dr. Jim to separate food fact from fiction. Find out the most fattening cheese! Plus, do obese teens eat more calories?

Samantha is the Nutritionist on a medical team helping Chaz Bono reach his weight loss goals, through healthy diet and lifestyle choices.

The premiere episode aired on November 14th, and The Doctors TV show will check in with Chaz Bono during the following year, documenting his weight loss journey through video and photos.

Follow Samantha’s exclusive blog posts here as she provides nutritional insights and ongoing check-ins with Chaz Bono and his weight loss progress.

Bono’s transformation is revealed in this episode.

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Sam’s first appearance on The Doctors Tv Show on July 12, 2011: HCG Diet


Samantha has a blog post featured at Wheat Belly discussing her work with Chaz Bono in his journey to lose weight and get healthy.

Chaz Bono joins the wheat-free movement


Jennifer Fugo from Gluten Free School writes about reaching out to Samantha for guidance on going gluten free.

Fatigue: The Gluten-Adrenal Connection

Gluten Sensitive more likely to have Tired Adrenals


Celebuzz asks Samantha about Jessica Simpson’s Pregnancy Weight Gain

Jessica Simpson ‘Can Avoid the Trap of Cravings and Weight Gain’ During Her Second Pregnancy, Expert Says


 Samantha was asked to give her expert opinion on Matthew MCconaughey’s  dramatic weight loss for an upcoming role.

Matthew McConaughey Has Lost 50 Pounds for His Role as Ron Woodroof in ‘The Dallas Buyers Club,’ Says Nutrition Expert


Sam’s work was mentioned in an article on Yahoo!

Hollywood is Buzzing…People Are Talking About For Health, Beauty, Movies And More!

Guest blogs at My L.A. Lifestyle:

“Is Stress Wreaking Havoc on Your Hormones?” & “5 Strategies to Fight Fat over 40”

“What’s Wrong with the Gluten-Free Diet” Master Class.

August 29th, 2012-Sam joined Certified Health Coach Jennifer Fugo

 Interview on Gluten Free School

Nov. 22, 2011

Samantha is going to answer your juicy questions about gluten and hormonal health. She’ll talk about:

1) The connection between gluten & corn (and why you might want to avoid it)

2) The link between thyroid issues and gluten (and the cascade of health problems that follow right behind)

Interview “The Many Faces of Inflammation” with Carol Ritberger on CTR

May 9th, 2012- Samantha returned to the Carol Ritberger show to discuss Hormones and Weight loss.

Inflammation, a term we hear often these days but what does it really mean? Simply put, it is a reaction to a harmful stimuli such as a bacteria or virus, damaged cells or irritants. It’s a protective attempt by the body to remove the harmful stimuli and begin the healing process. If you suffer from any of the “itis” issues such as arthritis, dermatitis, bursitis, colitis, diverticulitis or any other pain condition-you are experiencing inflammation. Learn how what you eat can trigger inflammation, and what supplements you can use to help control it.  Enjoy!


Article at Dr. Eva Cwynar’s Website:

“Fall into flavor naturally”

Elsewhere on the Web

Sam’s expertise quoted in Articles at Vitaerobics & “Gluten-Free Myths” & “First Step to Finding Gluten”


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