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Samantha was recently named one of the top 9 best holistic nutritionists in Los Angeles !

Samantha on The Doctors.


Samantha F. Grant, C.N.
  • Hormone and Metabolism Correction
  • Advanced Nutritional and Hormonal testing
  • Customized Supplement Regimens
  • Comprehensive Nutritional Counseling
  • Allergy Free Menu Plans including Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Paleo Plans
  • Detoxification Programs 14 Day or 21 Day
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Corporate Wellness Presentations
  • Lab Testing

Nutrition Programs

Initial Consultation: 60 minutes in person or via telephone for out of town clients.

Private Consults

Do you need a nutrition reboot? Have questions about your health and how you can improve it? Been told that your labs are normal but you don’t feel normal? Do you need an expert to you give you honest, accurate feedback on your lifestyle?

During a Private Consultation, you will learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle and get your burning questions answered. From meeting with me you will learn valuable information and will want to dig deeper into your overall health and make a realistic plan to reach your goals. While I am an expert- we cannot heal years of issues in a single consultation – but I can get you moving forward in improving your health! The majority of people who choose this one session option tend to upgrade to a more comprehensive program.

A Private Consultation can range between 60-75 minutes. 60 minutes of one-on-one discussion.

Have a chronic health issue? Need someone to overhaul your nutrition? Do
you need guidance in every step of the process? Need to lose more than 10 lbs? Were you recently diagnosed with a health issue and need a plan for recovery? Have you struggled with your weight, energy, sleep, skin for years and need some answers?

Then the Smart Start Program is perfect for you!
In this Program, you will learn everything I know about your specific health
issue. You will get answers you weren’t able to get before. I will personally guide you through each step of the program. If you aren’t a self-starter and want to have greater accessibility to my knowledge and me personally, this is the program for you!

Smart Start Program Initial intake and review 60-75 minutes 2 follow
up Sessions- 45 minutes

Customized Meal plan

Shopping lists Recipes
Program duration is approximately 2 months Smart Start programs are
completed in 6 to 8 weeks however all visits must be used with- in four months

In a hurry and need to see results quickly? This is the program for you! During my 14 Day detox program, you will shed unwanted fat and bloat, get clearer skin, have more energy and get on the road to wellness! This detox has transformed the lives of my clients and given them a “clean slate” to build a new foundation of health.
You can order my 14 Day Detox here.

Includes: 28 packets of Detoxification Powder with Protein and Greens
Liver support supplement Digestive Enzyme Formula 12 page Booklet
packed with information including meal plans and shake recipes (this
plan does not include consultations- perfect for the self starter!)

Functional nutrition is not like visiting a medical doctor. There are no
instant, easy cures or medications that I can give you that will instantly
show results. It requires lifestyle changes, knowledge and desire.

Changes can sometimes be quick and easy but often time change is complicated and requires some energy on your part. However, with encouragement, accountability, commitment and knowledge, you can and will see changes. While I do not guarantee results – I can tell you that most of my clients see amazing changes in their health while working with me. I am committed to finding the problem and providing tools and sustainable lifestyle solutions to support you.

Lab fees are paid directly to the lab and if you have insurance some labs
offer a lower co-pay amount for specific tests. Lab fees run between $100- $225. Not all clients will need lab tests performed.