Samantha F. Grant, C.N. in the kitchen!

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Celebrity nutritionist Samantha Grant joins Dr. Travis and Dr. Jim to separate food fact from fiction. Can bread help when chopping onions? And is olive oil always healthy to cook with?

HCG Diet

Chaz Bono Weight Loss Update

As part of his weight loss plan, Chaz Bono has incorporated freshly squeezed juice into his diet. Nutritionist Samantha Grant recommends eating a protein along with drinking the juice. E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains that protein helps decrease the absorption of sugar.

Join certified health coach Jennifer Fugo as she interviews celebrity nutritionist Samantha F. Grant about what’s wrong with the gluten-free diet. And there’s A LOT!

Join certified health coach Jennifer Fugo as she interviews Samantha F. Grant, CN about how detrimental gluten is to the hormone (endocrine) system and your thyroid. Also learn why corn and other gluten-free grains might not be as safe to eat as you previously thought and why eating a diet of packaged gluten-free food will most likely keep you sick.

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Samantha has a blog post featured at Wheat Belly discussing her work with Chaz Bono in his journey to lose weight and get healthy.

Jennifer Fugo from Gluten Free School writes about reaching out to Samantha for guidance on going gluten free

Celebuzz asks Samantha about Jessica Simpson’s Pregnancy Weight Gain

Samantha was asked to give her expert opinion on Matthew MCconaughey’s dramatic weight loss for an upcoming role.

Sam’s work was mentioned in an article on Yahoo!

Guest blogs at My L.A. Lifestyle

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Check out my recipes featured in the new book “The Fatigue Solution: Increase Your Energy in Eight Easy Steps” by Dr. Eva Cwynar.